Are you a strong relationship builder who relishes the opportunity to develop connections with Indigenous communities?
Do you enjoy collaborating with community leaders, Elders, and first language practitioners?
Are you passionate about creating culturally relevant content for Indigenous children across Canada?

If you answered YES, you may be our next Language Revitalization Lead

Chapter One is a global education nonprofit that envisions a world where all children have the literacy skills needed to thrive. For more than 30 years, we have worked tirelessly to close the literacy gap in high-need communities by providing children with one-to-one reading support at the time they need it the most. Established as a Canadian charity in 2018, we have grown 50-100% each year, increasing the number of children served by 10X over the last five years. Now serving 1800 children in seven provinces and territories and counting, we partner with families, schools, and a growing network of sponsor companies and volunteers to deliver high-impact tutoring programs that help children learn to read in their pivotal first years of school. 90% of the students we currently support are Indigenous, living on or near a reserve. We are on track to again double over the next two years. That’s where we need your help!


Original Storybook Series: We are committed to advancing partner communities’ language revitalization efforts. Our approach involves co-creating a series of original children’s storybooks that reflect the children and communities we serve. These storybooks are brought to life by Indigenous writers and illustrators and feature themes important to the communities, such as Indigenous innovation, local leaders, and land-based learning. Incorporating foundational words in the communities’ first languages, every storybook is a step toward preserving and promoting Indigenous languages while helping young children learn to read. Highly collaborative relationships with community members and schools’ language divisions ensure that the translations and audio recordings embedded into each storybook resonate authentically.These e-books are available to teachers, students, tutors, and volunteers through our online reading platform and to families everywhere via the Global Free Library on the Chapter One website at library.chapterone.org.


As the Language Revitalization Lead, you will play a vital role in advancing reconciliation in Canada by ensuring that Indigenous children have access to culturally relevant early reading texts. You will be responsible for connecting with language practitioners and Elders in Indigenous communities who can translate and record words for the stories. In addition, you will help identify and recruit Indigenous illustrators and writers who are interested in contributing their talents to this effort.

This is a remote work-from-home position, however you must be residing in, and have the right to work in Canada.

Key Responsibilities:


-Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to expand original storybook partnerships with community language and culture leaders
-Work with language departments in partner communities to incorporate the communities’ first languages into completed stories
-Collaborate with Elders and other fluent language speakers to record foundational words embedded into the storybooks
-Develop relationships with Elders and Advisors to help create relevant storybook content
-Track progress and ensure storybooks are on schedule
-Liaise with Chapter One development team and ensure stories are uploaded to our platform and the Global Free Library
-Achieve yearly storybook goals
-Guide Chapter One’s original storybook process, solicit feedback from partners, and implement new ideas to support continuous improvement




-Demonstrated success performing research and outreach
-Wide understanding of Indigenous cultures, languages, practices, priorities, world views, etc
-Undaunted by cold-calling
-Experience working on complex cross-cultural projects, navigating cross cultural communication, listening to advice, and providing thoughtful, constructive feedback and guidance to all project participants in a fast-paced workplace environment
-Excellent communication skills with internal team members and external stakeholders
-Exceptionally strong independent work ethic
-Desire to help strengthen a small but growing non-profit organization
-Passion for and deep knowledge of reconciliation and language revitalization
-Ability to pass an RCMP background check


Ideal candidate:


-Mission-driven with a big-picture perspective: skilled at navigating challenges and overcoming obstacles
-Collaborative and dependable: friendly, reliable, and thoughtful in teamwork
-Experienced and proficient in managing Google Ad grant campaigns
-Goal-oriented and adaptable: excels in team settings and independently
-Professional and responsible coordinator
-Excellent attention to detail
-Driven by ambitious organizational goals: thrives on tackling challenges
-Persistent and resourceful: always polite in approach
-Highly organized
-Entrepreneurial and intrinsically motivated self-starter: dedicated and hard-working.
-Upholds the highest standards: takes pride in all aspects of work.
-Experienced with Indigenous communities: Either resides in or has worked closely with them

How to Apply:


Submit a resume and cover letter highlighting relevant experience and explaining why you are a good fit for this role
Email application to alessandra.mcgowan@chapterone.org
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until September 14, 2023

About Chapter One Canada
We are a Canadian charity dedicated to transforming children’s futures by providing children with one-to-one reading support at the time they need it the most. Our team is composed of passionate educators, advocates, and volunteers who believe in the power of literacy. Over the years, we have impacted thousands of lives, fostering a love for reading and providing opportunities for children to excel in their academic pursuits and the rest of their lives. By joining our team, you become part of a mission-driven community that values innovation, commitment, and the transformative power of education.

We believe that “it all starts with literacy.” Our success is based on the one-to-one connection we make with marginalized children in poor, remote, and isolated communities to help them learn to read in their pivotal first years of school. The combination of technology and personal, human connection between a caring adult and a child is what sets us apart.

Incorporated as a Canadian non-profit in 2018
Registered as a Canadian charity in 2019
Backed by research and evidence-based methods
Cost-effective and scalable: providing 1:1 reading support to more than 50,000 students across Canada, the US, and the UK
We partner with over 30 Canadian businesses to secure financial backing and online reading volunteers for our efforts to help marginalized children in high-need communities learn to read from coast to coast to coast

Our Programs:


High Impact Tutoring:
One-to-one high impact tutoring takes place in the classroom or at home via families’ smartphones.
Conducted by our trained paraprofessionals (Early Literacy Interventionists, or ELIs) recruited from the communities we serve.
Sessions occur 3-5X per week and are 5-minutes long to maximize a young student’s attention span and work with the student at their proximal zone of development.
Online Reading Volunteers:
In the first program of its kind in Canada, we invite corporate donors to optionally enrol their employees as online reading volunteers..
Corporate volunteers provide weekly, 1:1 15-30-minute reading support to high-need children in under-resourced classrooms using our custom literacy platform at reading stations that we install in participating schools.
Volunteers conduct the reading sessions from their desk, or wherever they have access to a phone and internet connection. We provide training and take care of everything, including background checks.
Original Storybook Series:
Co-created e-books reflecting the culture and first languages of the communities we serve, all written and illustrated by Indigenous artists.

Our vision is a world where all children have the literacy skills needed to thrive.

Our values are:

Literacy: We believe that literacy is a basic human right and a powerful tool for social change.
Equity: We believe that every child deserves access to quality education and support.
Innovation: We believe that we can always find new and better ways to achieve our goals.
Collaboration: We believe that we can accomplish more by working together with diverse partners and stakeholders.
Excellence: We believe that we can deliver high-quality programs and services by holding ourselves accountable, performing rigorous research, and striving for continuous improvement.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Chapter One is an advocate for equity and is committed to ensuring its community is diverse and inclusive. We welcome applications from members of racialized minorities, women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, persons of various sexual orientations and gender identities, and others with the skills and knowledge to productively engage with diverse communities and contribute to our excellence. We seek to maintain our commitment to excellence and recognize that increasing the diversity of our staff and ensuring an inclusive environment supports this objective.

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Salary: 70k, prorated to part time Hours: 10-15 hours per week

How to Apply

Submit a resume and cover letter highlighting relevant experience and explaining why you are a good fit for this role Email application to alessandra.mcgowan@chapterone.org Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until August 31, 2023

About Chapter One Canada

At Chapter One, we want to create a world where all children have the literacy skills needed to thrive.

So do classroom teachers and parents!

But many teachers and families are unable, on their own, to teach all students to read. They simply don’t have the time or resources to provide the kind of individualized instruction that struggling readers need to succeed.

Every year in Canada 100,000 children complete Grade 3 unable to read at grade level

If students don’t develop a strong phonics foundation and reading fluency by the end of second grade, it is very unlikely that they will be proficient readers in later grades. In fact, kids who don’t read at grade level by the end of Grade 3 are 4X less likely to graduate high school.

That’s why we provide 1:1 reading support at the time students need it most.