ONN-MissionValuesConnect Nonprofit Jobs is Ontario’s province-wide site connecting talented workers with employers who are on the decent work journey and value nonprofit sector professionals.

Connecting people and jobs for thriving communities

It’s run by the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN), the provincial network for Ontario’s 58,000 nonprofits and charities. Organized in 2007, ONN spans the province with a 8,000-strong network. Our vision? To build a strong and resilient nonprofit sector. From public policy and analysis, to connecting organizations across the province, convening shared opportunities and trends, and channeling collective expertise to create solutions to community challenges, ONN is a springboard for action. Learn more about ONN advances on behalf of the nonprofit sector.

Building a labour force strategy for Ontario’s nonprofits and charities
We believe that harnessing workers’ passions can amplify the impact of organizations on their communities. To support nonprofit workers and strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit labour force, ONN is developing a culture of labour market planning, including:

  • Building a decent work movement: At ONN, we believe the key to recruiting and retaining top talent is by implementing decent work into all policies and processes. We have learned that when our sector’s workers can access decent work, not only do they do well, but organizations are better equipped to meet their missions, and as a result, our communities thrive. This is why all job postings on Connect Jobs must disclose pay scales and why ONN continues to research and create tools to advance decent work in our sector.
  • Identifying leadership skills needed for the future of our sector: ONN completes research on leadership and anticipates changes in the nonprofit environment, including changing demographics, resource constraints, the changing nature of work, technological developments, and more. It identifies key “competencies”—knowledge, skills, capabilities and attributes, and more—that nonprofit leaders will need to respond to these pressures and opportunities in the next two decades.

By collaborating across the sector, nonprofit organizations can creatively and effectively respond to pressing demands in the labour force. Building on years of sector collaboration, a comprehensive plan is in the works. Learn more about ONN’s labour force strategy.