OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, National Settlement Sector Community of Practice (CoP) Project Request for Proposal Blueprinting, Architecture & System/Application Design, Development, Testing and Implementation.

Project Overview

The scope of this RFP encompasses the blueprinting, architecting, design, development, testing, and implementation of the CoP.  The NAC and sector’s vision, goals, objectives, and requirements mandate a robust, nimble, scalable state-of-the-art platform that will be sustainable for the longer-term. In order to have a very high level of confidence that the CoP will meet the expectations of the settlement sector across Canada now and well into the future, there will be a two-phase implementation strategy: a Beta site/pilot (which may be viewed as an MVP – Minimally-Viable Product) and a nationwide launch. The launch of the pilot/MVP community shall be planned for October 2018 and nationwide launch in March 2019.

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How to Apply

Your Submission for this opportunity must be made in writing electronically to RFP@ocasi.org by July 23, 2018 and with two printed copies to OCASI as follows: Karen Scott Senior Manager, IT & New Media Ontario Council for Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) 110 Eglinton Ave. W. Suite 200 Toronto, ON M4R 1A3

About Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

Organization Profile

OCASI - Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants was formed in 1978 to act as a collective voice for immigrant-serving agencies and to coordinate responses to shared needs and concerns. Its membership is comprised of more than 220 community-based organizations in the province of Ontario. OCASI asserts the right of all persons to participate fully and equitably in the social, cultural, political and economic life of Ontario.